Winning more suitable candidates more effectively with less work
and getting kudos from hiring managers




  • You get the original job description handed over by the department manager
  • You input the job title, company description and call-to action into the JOBWriter™ system platform
  • Then, you pick 4 self-select, hierarchal personality attributes that have been analyzed for their psychodynamic relevancy to the position. Identifiers that speak to the inner voice, the inner drive of your perfect hire
  • With the click of a button, the robust JOBWriter™ A.I. content system goes to work. in seconds, it produces unique, targeted copy that communicates to the mind-set of only the best candidates. Insightful, fresh language – more focused than you’ve ever seen – words that speak specifically to the sensibilities possessed only by the highest performers – culling out the wannabes and so-so’s
  • Along with your fully-developed composited job description, you will also have created at the same time:
    • Instant LinkedIn Inmail version
    • Facebook Posting
    • Twitter Feed
    • Recruiter Script

All in less time than it takes to grab your second cup of coffee!